Mens Tracksuits For You

Working from home or just working out? One thing’s for sure, you’re going to need a tracksuit. Sporty and chic, tracksuits and athleisure wear have become some of our most-loved wardrobe staples. Why? Since we’ve all started dressing down after the pandemic, we look to comfort with an added dash of style above it all – and what better way to be comfortable than with some cosy sweats and hoodie?

Whether you’re running errands, running home from the gym, or simply lounging around at home – there’s nothing quite better suited to a range of your everyday activities like a cosy mens tracksuits. Tracksuits are a welcome addition to our wardrobes since the years of super skinny jeans – they’re easy to style, comfortable, stretchy and flexible enough to wear whatever the weather but they’ve also evolved and are back with a chic new look.

Forget the Ali G-era of shell suits, men’s tracksuits are something we can all get behind – a carefree cool look that can be thrown together in an instant. Minimal fuss, yet maximum style potential.

In our newest drops for Autumn/Winter 2022, 883 Police give you the lowdown on just a few of our favourite men’s tracksuits to wear this season (and the next, and the next!)

Blend Black Jogger

At only £50, these joggers are a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. They’re made from 60% recycled cotton and 40% organic cotton, ensuring they’re eco-friendly, good for the planet all whilst being super breathable, natural and moisture wicking. The construction is easy to wash, care for and clean.

883 police heybrook black jogger full

Plus, in an effort to reduce and minimise waste in the production process, the recycled cotton is made up of 60% of the construction ensuring 883 Police, as a company, does our bit to create an earth-positive future.

These black men’s joggers offer a stylish, slightly tactical look with a slim fit tapered leg and two side-seam zip pockets. Utility-inspired, they also include rear and side pocket and a PLCE branding patch. An unrivalled level of comfort, they’re also available in a range of sizes from small to XXL.

Conway Black Jogger

Simple yet sleek, these Conway Black Men’s Joggers are a quality piece of activewear you simply must have in your wardrobe for the incoming season. Crafted from a supremely high-quality 100% cotton construction, ensure your lounging is done right in these Conway joggers – naturally moisture wicking, breathable, natural and easy to wash and iron.

Match effortlessly with a simple tee and trainers or pair with hoodie and black kicks for a more stylish, street luxe look. The joggers include a simple and sleek design with side seam pockets, rear pocket and drawstring waist. They also feature an attractive 883 Police branding down the side of the leg.

These joggers lend themselves to the utmost comfort, stretchability and versatility. The material is engineered to ensure it keeps it shape and won’t sag at the knees, meaning they’re cosy enough to wear all day – whether at home or at the gym.

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Is Dubai the next destination on your bucket list? Then we must appreciate your choice. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, having the best attractions.

From Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to resorts like Atlantis and Palm Jumeirah, there is no end to Dubai’s beauty and luxury.

If you begin listing down all the things one must enjoy in Dubai, you will fall short of time and spa.

Therefore, we have made the task easier by listing everything you can do and explore.

Burj Khalifa

It is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, standing 828 meters. 

Burj Khalifa has several restaurants, bars, cafes, apartments, and hotels inside the building. Since its inauguration in 2010, it has become a symbol of Dubai’s identity.

There are numerous activities available at the Burj Khalifa. You can climb up to their observation deck for a beautiful city view or have a delicious breakfast with your loved ones on one of the top floors. The latter is one of the favorites of couples. After all, what can be better than a delicious meal, a stunning view, and your sweetheart by your side?

There are also other things to enjoy. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at Candylicious or delve into some luxurious spa treatments at the Armani spa.

  • The Museum of the Future

It is one of the latest additions to the city of Dubai and another architectural marvel. The museum is built with the vision of showcasing the possibilities of future modern technology. Visitors say that the interior feels unreal. It looks like a scene from a high-budget Hollywood sci-fi movie.

It is not just about the future of technology but showcases the future of everything. You can climb to the DNA library, which displays the possibilities of future evolution and learn about future discovery missions, among other things.

This use is not just for adults and teenagers, but for your toddlers too. You can take them to the section of the museum called “Future Heroes” and feed the superhero in them. It would be a memorable experience, forever etched in their memory.

  • Desert Safari

dubai DUBAITG0721 04b6fdc668e649adb5368b3db401651c

If you are visiting Dubai, there is no way you can miss the beautiful desserts. We have seen sunsets from the sea and mountains, but nothing parallels one in the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari offers several thrilling and enjoyable activities. You can go motorbikes in the sands, ride on a camel’s back, do falconry, or dune bashing.

When the sun sets and the beautiful sky takes over the night sky, it is when the real fun begins. You can stay at comfortable and beautiful hotels and enjoy the night with food, music, and drinks.

You can get along with the dancers to shake a leg or enjoy stargazing with your loved ones.

There is so much that you can do on desert safaris.

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

What is available without some fun and thrills? Dubai is known for having the best of everything, so it has the best waterpark in the world. The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in the world. It has the maximum number of rides, and it is for everyone. You can enjoy slides, boats, rides, etc. Aside from this, there is much more to offer.

You can enjoy some time with the Dolphins at Dolphin Bay or play with the Sea Lions.

If all the thrills and adrenaline rushes get to you, you can unwind on their 300-meter-long beach and soak up some rays.

You can also visit their aquarium and experience more than 6,000 marine species under one roof.

  • Global Village Dubai

Global Village Subia is one of the most entertaining and fulfilling experiences for tourists and locals alike. This theme park has mussels, themed alleys, fountains, and much more.

You can find more than 75 countries represented here. Each alley is dedicated to a particular country’s culture, food, and music. As a result, you can step into any country’s alleys, and get your hands on their traditional artifacts and drinks. You can also relish their traditional foods and take part in their activities.

You can also view a replica of well-known world monuments, like the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, or the Eiffel tour’s second version.

  • The Dubai Mall

This mall is every shopper’s paradise. It is one of the world’s largest malls, and you will not be able to see it all in a single day. You’ll find everything from big to small brands here, and you can completely immerse yourself in retail therapy.

A tip before you visit the mall is to download their app. It helps you navigate the mall, gives you an overview of all the rooms and brands, and even informs you about ongoing sales and discounts.

Apart from the shopping experience, you can enjoy movies and games with your family. There are also multiple food options for some appetizing meals and cuisine.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden

It is the largest flower garden in the center of the Middle East. The ground has more than fifty million flowers displayed as structures, things, and shapes.

The park feels like Fantasyland from Disney movies and is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai.

The garden is spread across 72,000 square meters and features numerous dances, parades, and other attractions. You cannot miss the butterfly garden here or the lakeside park.

It is a beautiful place where you can get the most beautiful pictures. 

  • Jumeirah Mosque

It is said to be one of the most beautiful mosques in the UAE, built on the lines of Cairo’s Al Azhar Mosque. This mosque is an example of the medieval Fatimid style of architecture.

Do you know that it is the only mosque in Dubai that allows non-Muslim visitors? Its intricate designs and beautiful architecture come alive at night with lights. The beautiful mosque against the dark sky looks nothing less than a dream.

However, make sure you follow the dress code and maintain decorum. Unlike other mosques, you can click pictures here and carry memories home. Therefore, do not miss a chance to capture this beauty and marvel.


Dubai is every traveler’s favorite destination. It is one of the few cities perfect for friends, families, couples, and individual exploration.

When visiting Dubai, make sure not to get lost in the modern and tall structures. Devote a day to examining the old Dubai and learning of its humble beginnings.

Old Dubai is a memorable experience with its old-style homes and shops.

We hope you can make the most of your trip. Travel safely!

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Know About Bitcoin Trading in Easy Steps

If you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, investing in cryptocurrencies may appear intimidating. Even if you are an experienced investor, learning about Money Trading Bitcoin requires you to get comfortable with new terminology, strange technologies, and firms you may not be familiar with.

Before making any judgments, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies in general.

Steps To Purchase Cryptocurrencies

There are four fundamental steps for purchasing cryptocurrencies securely:

  1. Choose a retailer.

While there are several risk-free ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, a centralized exchange is perhaps the most user-friendly option for newcomers. Centralized exchanges supervise transactions as a third party to reassure customers in receiving what they paid for. The best quality exchanges often trade cryptocurrency at market prices, and their revenue comes from charges for other services.

Several online brokers provide access to both equities and cryptocurrencies. If you’re an investor who is more familiar with standard brokerage accounts then you must think about it. We bull,  Robinhood, Trade Station and SoFi Active Investing are a few of the online brokers. Search for Big Money Rush cryptocurrency exchanges if you’re looking for a platform that only deals with cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, you can also check other sites, including Gemini, Kraken, and Coinbase.

Centralized trades are quite simple to use, but considering the amount of cryptocurrency that passes through them, they can also be a tempting target for hackers.

Decentralized exchanges may have lower fees than centralized platforms. These can be trickier to utilize and need more technical expertise, but they can also provide some security advantages because there isn’t just one reason for a cyberattack. Peer-to-peer exchanges are another way that cryptocurrency can be traded.

bitcoin trading types analysis5

  1. Select your payment method.

Even though there are dozens of cryptocurrencies in circulation worldwide, you’ll discover that the best choices are frequently offered for sale in fiat like the currency of the U.S. dollar. You’ll almost certainly need to utilise conventional currency to purchase cryptocurrencies if you’re a beginner.

If you’re a more seasoned investor, you could choose to trade part of your current cryptocurrency holdings for a different cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin for the famous Ethereum.

  1. Boost the value of your account.

You might need to fund your trading account before making any crypto purchases, depending on the method of payment you pick. The majority of exchanges accept debit cards, credit cards and direct bank transfer. Some also let you use your credit card to purchase cryptocurrencies. But, you need to pay a huge transaction fee for the same along with the interest. So, it is better to link your bank account with an exchange to save such charges.

  1. Choosing a cryptocurrency.

Although there are numerous options available to cryptocurrency investors, none of them is ideal for everyone. You must check reviews and after a lot of research choose one platform. Consider your investment goals before making a purchase. Are you considering using cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions? Are you considering utilizing decentralized apps that utilize the underlying online technology? You might decide these things before you choose a digital currency.

Therefore, it is also important to take precautions while doing purchases and withdrawals. Be careful while depositing your money into your trading account. You can add other crypto currencies along with BTC to your portfolio to reduce the risk of loss.

Locations to keep your cryptocurrencies

Your next choice will be how you want to store your cryptocurrency safely once you’ve made up your mind to invest in.

This is a crucial decision. A private key is required for crypto assets since it serves as ownership documentation and transaction authorization. Your cryptocurrency will be lost if you misplace your private keys. If someone gets their hands on your private keys, they can do whatever they want with your cryptocurrency. It is better to choose a cold wallet to keep your digital currencies safe because cold wallets are linked with a hardware device and they are safer than hot wallets.

Digital wallets are used by cryptocurrency owners to safely store their assets. When it comes to digital wallets, there are several options to take into account. You can check such wallets online and read their reviews to choose the best one.

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Crypto Tutorial for Beginners

A bank is a type of financial institution with the ability to store, transmit, and receive deposits in the real world. Legally, banks are permitted to provide their clients with the option to exchange one fiat currency for another. You cannot buy crypto coins and tokens from a bank because it is not a legal tender. Extra info visit at

A cryptocurrency exchange operates similarly to a stock exchange and offers its customers to trade with crypto assets. So, you can open an account on a crypto exchange to trade such digital assets.

Exchange for cryptocurrencies

Depending on the market value of the offered assets, users can trade one type of digital asset for another on a cryptocurrency exchange, which is a legal online marketplace. The issue with cryptocurrency exchanges is that they frequently enable the trading of unregistered securities, and are frequently used to launder money.

The 2017 ICO bubble was significantly influenced by cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges were eagerly awaiting the debut of new projects with no genuine business plan, product, or future so that they could list these projects on their exchanges and profit handsomely from the trading pairs’ transaction fees. In light of this, one can imagine a bitcoin exchange as a bucket store.

Describe a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are tokens and coins that have no practical function; they were developed purely for speculative purposes. According to experts, people can use such digital currencies for their money laundering activities because users can make transactions with crypto with anonymous identity.

Most cryptocurrencies, unlike digital currencies, do not adhere to the law; in fact, some cryptocurrencies were expressly designed to do so. By concealing the route a transaction has taken from sender to recipient, privacy coins are digital assets created particularly to support crime.

In the end, digital currencies are protocols that allow for the digitalization of data and money, but cryptocurrencies are tools used to facilitate criminality, including fraud, money laundering, and racketeering.

Why people investing their funds in crypto? People are investing their funds in cryptos because it is 100% secured. People assuming that crypto is designed for illegal activities can lose their mind when they get to know that leading organizations like Microsoft and PayPal are accepting BTC as a legal payment gateway. Apart from that, you need to pay taxes on the profit that you earn from crypto and government cannot impose taxes in illegal trades.

So, crypto is 100% legal, but it is not a legal tender like fiat currency.

What are the prerequisites for taking a Cryptography tutorial?

We presume that you have a basic understanding of computers as well as some familiarity with bitcoin trading and the most recent trends before you begin learning the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.

The Function of Cryptocurrencies

A blockchain is a challenging mathematical puzzle that must be solved to mine a cryptocurrency. A network of computers that all follow the same set of instructions is used to accomplish the mining project. The miner who came up with the solution is awarded with cryptocurrency once they successfully validate a transaction and add a block to the network. The ability to move cryptocurrency between users without a middleman makes cryptocurrencies special.


This makes them extremely secure and makes it impossible for anyone to steal or abuse them. Digital wallets, which can be accessed on desktop computers or mobile devices, are where cryptocurrency is kept.


A chain of blocks containing information is what is meant by the term “blockchain.” The method aims to timestamp digital documents so that it is impossible to modify or backdate them. Blockchain is designed to address the issue of duplicate records without the use of a centralized server.

Without the need for a third-party like a bank or government, the blockchain is used to securely transfer goods like money, property, contracts, etc. It is extremely challenging to modify data after it has been stored inside a block of a P2P network.

A software protocol is the blockchain (like SMTP is for email). Blockchains, however, require the Internet to function. The fact that it influences other technologies gives it the name “meta-technology.” It is made up of several components, including a database, software, networked computers, etc. So, if you want to trade bitcoin and other cryptos, then you can start your trading from Immediate Bitcoin.

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Things to note when re-roofing


A roof is the uppermost part of a building, typically consisting of rafters, tiles, slate, or metal sheets, that form a barrier against the elements. The word “roof” ultimately derives from the Old-English, meaning “covering.”

The purpose of a roof is to protect the building and its contents from the effects of weather. A well-designed and properly installed roof will also improve the energy efficiency of the building by helping to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.

10 things to consider when replacing your roof.

1. Cost.

Replacing your roof is a big investment, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. There are many different types of roofs available, so be sure to find one that best suits your needs and budget.

2. Get help from the Pro.

Be sure to have a professional inspect your roof before making any decisions. They will be able to tell you if your roof needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired.

3. Choose a Legit Contactor.

If you do decide to replace your roof, be sure to choose a contractor who is experienced and reputable. Get several estimates before making a final decision.

Just like Mighty dog roofing, you are guaranteed with their work.

4.  Warranty, guarantee.

Be sure to ask about warranties and guarantees when you are getting an estimate for a new roof. This will ensure that you are covered if there are any problems with the roof down the road. 

5. Proper Price estimate.

Be sure to factor in the cost of labor when you are getting an estimate for a new roof. This is often one of the most expensive aspects of the project, so be sure to get an accurate estimate.

azure 2

6. Aesthetic Design.

The type of roof you choose will also affect the cost of labor. If you choose a more complex roof, it will likely cost more to have it installed.

7. Materials.

You should consider the quality of materials to be used on your roof. As they say “quality comes with a price”. With that said be sure to shell out some extra cost for better quality roofing for your home.

8. Mind the Angle.

The pitch of your roof can also affect the cost of labor. If your roof is very steep, it will likely cost more to have it installed.

9. Consider the Season.

Be sure to factor in the climate when you are getting an estimate for a new roof. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, your roof will likely need to be replaced more often than if you live in a warmer climate.

10. You should counter.

Be sure to ask about any discounts or specials that may be available when you are getting an estimate for a new roof. Many contractors offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and others who qualify.


Take note of these 10 tips when re-roofing your home. This will help you to have it done properly and orderly. Also, mind getting a professional’s help for ease of mind.

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How to Exchange BTC to THETA at the Best Rates

There are currently over 600 different exchanges operating in the crypto market, centralized and decentralized. Consequently, it can become quite challenging to pick an exchange that will perfectly suit your needs. 

Crypto exchanges can differ on many points, including security, privacy, fees and rates, availability, and much more. So, how do you make sure you are choosing the best one for you to exchange BTC to THETA

We have chosen 4 different exchanges that offer a good amount of features and tools to make your life easier when trading cryptocurrencies. But which one has the best rates? Let’s find out. 

What Exchange Platforms Offer the Best Rates?

Rates are one of the most important elements when choosing an exchange since they can significantly impact your profit margin. The USDT exchange rate can be incredibly important as even small variations can make a difference between profit and loss. 


Godex is an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange that provides quick swaps between more than 300 different cryptocurrencies. Godex does not require direct deposits into a centralized wallet, which completely eliminates the need for withdrawal fees. 

The main advantage of Godex is that it offers users complete privacy when using its services. Users don’t need to register on the platform before using its services, as only a wallet address is needed to exchange BTC to THETA. 

Regarding rates, Godex provides fixed rates that are reserved at the moment of the exchange request. This way, users are not subject to price variations between the initiation of the trade and its completion. 


Situated in Seychelles, Kucoin is a centralized crypto exchange that offers a large number of crypto pairs. This platform usually lists obscure and highly demanded coins before the competition, which has made it so popular with traders looking for hidden gems. 

KuCoin offers a tiered maker/taker fee model, starting at 0.1% and going as low as 0.0125%, which reduces as the volume of your trades increases. Worth noting is that trading on KuCoin requires deposits onto a hot wallet. Withdrawal fees differ from one crypto to another and are usually at fixed rates denominated in that cryptocurrency. 


Binance is the #1 crypto platform globally, with the most users and volume combined. Over the years, it has become more than just a crypto trading platform, offering a wide range of financial services such as futures trading, staking, and earning. 

While fees are similar to that of KuCoin (0,1%), you can get rebates if you are using BNB tokens to pay for trading fees. The only caveat is that you will need to go through a full KYC procedure to initiate your first trade, which makes the process a bit lengthy and tedious. 


BitMart is a top cryptocurrency exchange that offers all the bells and whistles required for a smooth crypto journey. With more than 1,000 coins and tokens at your disposal, you can easily find what you are looking for here. 

The rates on the exchange are a little on the higher side, starting from 0.25% per trade. One huge caveat with BitMart is the hack that occurred in December 2021 and resulted in nearly $200 million in lost cryptocurrencies. 

shutterstock 530794198

Exchange BTC to THETA via Godex Anonymous Exchange

Of all the platforms above, only Godex offers fixed rates and no withdrawal fees. What’s more, it doesn’t require KYC or any type of registration, allowing you to retain full anonymity in the crypto ecosystem. Here’s how to exchange BTC to THETA using the platform: 

  • Visit the Godex website and choose your currencies — BTC on the left and THETA on the right. 
  • Provide the desired amount and click “Exchange.” 
  • Paste your THETA wallet address where you wish the platform to send you your tokens. 
  • Finally, send the BTC to the address provided by the platform to finalize the payment. 

The exchange will usually send you your tokens within minutes, depending on the network load. 

Final Take

Exchanging cryptos for one another can be a pretty simple and rewarding venture if you know what you are doing. Using exchanges like Godex that provide fixed rates and full anonymity is a step in the right direction to keeping costs low while retaining high security. 

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