Marketing is not just one important part of a business, in the eyes of potential customers, it is the entire business. Customers don’t know the sweat and effort that went into creating your brand, they only see what is out there already. If you don’t market your product right, it might be visible for just a few people or, if you market it the wrong way, it might lead to the closure of your business. To avoid any of these two scenarios, let’s take a look at a few innovative ways to market your business.


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It’s time to give innovative ideas a try

If you haven’t done it yet or you don’t even know what it is, guerilla marketing is a great way to make a statement with your business without spending a fortune. What you do need though, is a few creative minds behind it and a few others to figure out the logistics. Guerilla marketing is seen by people in the industry as a way to repurpose the content you already have and frame it differently.

For a better understanding, let’s look at a couple of examples. The paper towels company Bounty has identified its biggest purpose – to wipe out the mess – and it has taken it to a whole other level. The company installed life-sized objects causing a mess in New York, like a knocked-over coffee cup and a melted popsicle, which drew a lot of attention. Another great promotional idea, which was entirely digital, was Deadpool’s Tinder profile, used to sell tickets ahead of the big premiere

The old way goes a long way

Believe it or not, word of mouth is still an excellent marketing strategy, for as long as what is said about your business works to your advantage. A study found that 92% of people believe in the recommendations made by their friends and family over the adverts they see online or on TV. Because of that, you should ensure your existing customers feel rewarded by you for their loyalty. Engage in customer programs to give them extra discounts or gifts on their birthday.


Moreover, holding physical events or virtual events can also work wonders for your business. That way, you let the people do the advertising for you. Bada Bingo does this perfectly with its bingo parties, through which they promote the game while increasing their reach. On their website, people can purchase bingo tickets to a fun night out fuelled by electric music and unusual prizes. Once the night is over, they are more likely to check the company online and invite other friends to the next events.

Whatever marketing ideas you might have, it is worth putting them into practice more than sitting down and doing nothing. People need to see you exist, they need to feel your presence on social media and they need to know you are involved in current issues. Without marketing, your business will not survive, so start promoting it to its full potential.

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