Investments in the right place, and at the right time, bring rich dividends. The confusion lies in finalizing the best arena to invest in! Should you rely on gold, financial institutions, stock markets, real estate, or cryptocurrencies?

Real Estate

Gold marketplaces can prove risky, for prices tend to be volatile. The ongoing pandemic has proved it. Furthermore, there is the added tension of storing gold in a safe place. Therefore, real estate seems to be a better option today, according to ANAROCK.

This company conducted a survey in the top seven Indian cities. They found that real estate marketplaces were flourishing. People seemed to prefer this option, instead of investing in the financial sector or stock markets. They found the latter two rather unstable.

The reasons for enhancing belief in real estate investments could be that –

  • Houses/properties are immovable assets. They remain in one place. Therefore, their value is also tangible, for constructed properties and land/plots exist. Location, development of surrounding region, etc., all come into play, during a purchase/sale.
  • The value of houses/properties rises in alignment with inflation. Therefore, if you wish to sell immediately, or even in the future, you may expect excellent appreciation.
  • Rental properties are extremely profitable. Rents increase every year, regardless of whether the tenants are the same, or different. There are no laws against increasing of rent. Therefore, they provide you with a passive income for a lifetime.
  • Real estate and other asset classes are unconnected. Therefore, you are engaging in a different kind of investment. You are diversifying your assets, via your real estate deals.
  • You may avail of tax benefits. The benefits are linked to depreciation and insurance. Just peruse the different sections outlined by the Income Tax Act of India. It will reveal all about the tax reliefs, which are to your advantage.

Is it Better to Invest in Crypto or Real Estate?


Does this mean that investing in cryptocurrencies is disadvantageous? No, of course, not! Handled the right way, you may garner healthy profits.

  • All the dealings that take place through any cryptocurrency exchange like are secure, safe, and transparent. Advanced technologies come into play for dealing with this virtual asset. They are open source. They ensure public verification.
  • Every cryptocurrency exchange provides an easy-to-use app for both, beginners, and experts. It also shares relevant information regarding stocks, pricing, etc. Therefore, it does not take long for a novice to become experienced.
  • Crypto trading is decentralized. Therefore, you have perfect control over your digital currencies. You are welcome to store them at will or sell them. There is no need for a third party or cryptocurrency exchange to interfere. Thus, all the profits of your sales/purchases/exchanges, come to you alone.
  • True, pricing undergoes fluctuations. The cryptocurrency marketplace is volatile. After all, the economic situations in various countries do not remain healthy all the time. Regardless, your investment will provide you with a buffer to confront unexpected economic crises. Long-term investments suffice to fulfil your needs after retirement.
  • Cryptocurrencies are limited in supply, unlike real cash. It is because every coin is governed by an algorithm. Therefore, you may view digital currencies as deflationary assets. Their purchasing power can only rise over time.
  • Trading in cryptocurrencies is global, available 24 x 7. Therefore, you may engage in trading deals any time you want. You function independently, and at flexible times.

Choose Any One, or Both

Note that any kind of investment has its own pros and cons. Additionally, there is always a certain percentage of risk involved. You cannot gain all the time. There could be losses too. Therefore, ensure a mindset that is ready to confront anything.

If you profit by your investment, figure out how you can double, or even triple, the gains. If you lose, work out an action plan to recoup your losses. You may even seek the advice of experienced experts. Otherwise, talk to other investors whom you know.

Admittedly, you desire to have a decent amount of funds in your real/virtual bank. You want to be financially free, and leave all stress behind. You would also like your retirement days to be happy. Both, real estate, and cryptocurrencies, can help you achieve all your desires. Just peruse all the advantages of each, and reach an informed decision.

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