'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth Says COVID-19 Lockdown Helped Him Train

The “God of Thunder” is bigger than ever before in the latest “Thor” movie.

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays the Asgardian member of the Avengers in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” told USA Today that “boredom” during COVID-19 lockdown helped him bulk up.

Hemsworth told the newspaper he had a routine featuring swimming, martial arts and a diet of 6,000 calories per day.

“It was train, eat, train, eat,” Hemsworth said. “Nothing else to do. Then I turned up for the film bigger than I’ve ever been.”

The actor said his wife stated his new look was “too much.”

Hemsworth said balancing training, eating and sleeping with 12-hour days on set was “something different” and wore him out.

“It was horrible,” Hemsworth said. “I won’t do it again. They can give me a fancy muscle-y costume next time. I’m done.”

Multiple action stars have spoken out about the unattainable standards and intense body scrutiny placed on actors in superhero movies.

Taika Waititi, director of “Thor: Love and Thunder,” told USA Today it was “crazy” to see how big Hemsworth got ahead of the movie.

“He’s huge already, but when I saw his arms, they were twice as big as normal, as wide as my head,” Waititi said. “Trainers and stuff are asking me how he does it? But it’s all natural.”

Hemsworth’s “natural” approach toward getting bigger led to a “au naturel” look in the movie.

The movie’s trailer features a teaser of a scene where Hemsworth reveals his posterior.

Waititi, in an interview with Variety last month, said the “Thor” star had to “show off” his body in the movie.

“My whole thing was like, Chris works so hard, you’ve gotta show it off,” he said.

“Don’t cover it up with all these suits and the cape and stuff, it’s not fair.”

'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth Says COVID-19 Lockdown Helped Him Train

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